RItrainPlus is proud to launch the pilot courses of a brand-new management training programme for professionals in a Research Infrastructure or Core Facility. The pilot programme will be run in the summer of 2023 and consists of seven short courses that have been developed by experienced academics at RItrainPlus partner universities and institutions with the contribution of invited international experts. 

The continuous professional development programme has been developed with the aim to strengthen the managerial capabilities of professionals working in scientific institutions. The value of highly skilled managers in such a strategic business is highly important. 

Leaders have an incredible amount of power in determining the success of an organization. Managers often step into their roles without any formal training despite their roles being exceptionally challenging. Managers have been proven to have a huge influence – positive or negative – over employee retention, team performance and employee engagement. The quality of management defines the quality of the RI to the same extent as its technical and technological readiness. Moreover, the increasing complexity of RI activities, including increasing amounts of remote work, requires a stronger multi-level culture of management. 

Considering this background, the RItrainPlus management training programme has been designed to improve the skills of current and future managers in Research Infrastructures and Core Facilities. 


Why should I take this programme?

The programme is aimed at managers, operators and other professionals at Research Infrastructures and Core Facilities.

Who is behind this programme?

The pilot programme is designed by academic and educational experts in the RItrainPlus project who have a long experience working or leading Research Infrastructures or other scientific institutions.

How is the programme organized?

The programme  is divided into seven short courses, each containing sessions.  The short courses take up 16–32 hours each, plus individual work.

How do I take part?

The participants can take up either the whole programme and progress from one short course to the next, or take an individual short course that best fits their needs. For those interested in taking up the whole programme, it should be noted that some activities will be overlapping. Participants are advised to check the course schedules for more information.

What’s expected of me?

The participant is expected to participate in at least 80% of the scheduled activities. The courses are assessed in various ways. 

Do I have to take all the sessions in a short course? Can I just choose what I like?

The participant needs to participate in all the modules in the short course. 

What does it cost?

The pilot courses are offered free of charge

How are the courses taught?

Most of the short courses are offered as online intensive courses that take up 2-6 consecutive days. The courses are taught by experienced academics at RItrainPlus partner universities and institutions with  invited international experts.The courses will be delivered in the period June-September 2023.

How do I apply?

The application period is 03.04.2023 – 05.05.2023. Apply to the short course by submitting a short motivation letter and your CV. The chosen applicants will be informed via email by 15. 05. 2023.

When will I know if my application has been accepted?

Selected participants are informed by May 15th.

What if I realize that I cannot participate anymore after I’ve been admitted to participation?

If the participant wishes to cancel their participation, they are required to inform the organizers at least two weeks prior to the starting of the course