Staff exchanges between RIs have been increasing collaboration and knowledge transfer between RIs. The RItrainPlus’s innovative Staff and Knowledge Exchange Programme facilitates staff exchanges between different RIs.

One of those successful visits took place over the course of four days late in December 2021, when 11 colleagues from the training teams of ELIXIR-EBI, EATRIS-ERIC, and INSTRUCT-ERIC held a virtual staff visit to discuss selected topics related to training operations. Based on their discussions, they subsequently worked on a new workshop proposal. This is just one example of the various staff exchanges that have been successfully facilitated by this innovative, flexible programme to date.

Vera Matser (ELIXIR-EMBL-EBI) reflected on her experience of the abovementioned visit between the training teams of ELIXIR-EBI, EATRIS-ERIC, and INSTRUCT-ERIC and shares what was discussed: “It was a productive, enjoyable few days that allowed us to brainstorm, have frank discussions and ask for advice from highly valued colleagues. A number of topics were pre-defined based on the needs of the organisation but we kept the agenda of the visit open enough to see where the conversation would take us and additional topics were defined during the visit. Topics included: organisational structure and mission (for the training team), current challenges, e-learning and webinar series, KPI and Impact, GDPR, Financial management, and How to get the most out of limited (EU) resources. The programme was modular so that colleagues could join for as many or as few sessions as they wanted. Very limited preparation was required for the staff visit (three introduction slides with organisational structure, mission and current challenges) in order to not add to the year-end deadline frenzy and sessions were spread out over four days to allow everyone to keep on top of their other work.”


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This staff exchange experience was run as part of the RItrainPlus Staff and Knowledge Exchange Programme. Visit the webpage for more information about the programme, how to take part, and how to apply for a travel grant.

Staff exchanges increase collaboration between RIs