After completing task 2.1. which focused on mapping out the diverse skills needed from managers of RIs and CFs, the team of WP2 has moved on to the next challenge. The team is currently working to identify Learning Activities implemented in a large number of universities and to create a certification of the Longitudinal Learning Track which will ultimately require a unique European qualification. One of the main challenges that has been identified is to have the Learning Activities, building up the LLT, implemented in a number of Universities covering a wide array of fields as well as a large geographical range. Moreover, a further challenge will be the certification of the Longitudinal Learning Track that will ultimately require a unique European qualification.

In order to reach these objectives, RitrainPlus has joined forces with Una Europa, one of the emerging European Universities alliances through the threeyear Horizon 2020 project Una.Resin. The project aims to create strategies for Research & Innovation agendas, open up and share Research Infrastructure and Resources, and strengthen Human Capital across universities belonging to Una Europa which is an alliance of (eleven) leading research universities and one of 41 emerging European Universities alliances.

In particular the Una.Resin WP2 “Research Infrastructures and Resources (RIRs)” aims to develop a strategy and an action plan for sharing research infrastructures across Una Europa universities and start exploring concrete paths and sharing formats. After more than a year of project and several mapping exercises between participants a relevant item that emerged is the need to strengthen the skills and knowledge related to RIRs management.

Given the high number of relevant stakeholders involved in the Una.Resin project and the evident sharing of objectives between the two projects it was decided to create a COLLABORATIVE WORKSHOP between European Universities participating to both Projects, that will take place in Bologna on the 10th and 11th of October 2022. It will be a great opportunity for different experiences to meet with the common goal of finding practical solutions and to share different proposal.

The results of the workshop will be very important for the implementation of the Task in addition of becoming a great opportunity to create an even wider network between different Universities. More updates will be shared on the RItrainPlus newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter for the latest updates.

RItrainPlus joins forces with Una-Resin – collaborative workshop taking place in October