The webinar will focus on questions of data, privacy, and research, specifically tailored for RI and CF managers and operators. It will consist of the following 20-minute presentations, followed by discussion:
– “Sharing and reusing personal health data for research purposes: GDPR compliance issues and opportunities for data managers” (Speaker: Dr. Francesco Vigna)
– “Evaluation of different consent models for the processing of health data for scientific research” (Speaker: Dr. Noemi Conditi)
– “Data Governance: new data management models” (Speaker: Dr. Emanuela Podda)
– “Navigating through complexity in cybersecurity compliance: cyber hygiene good practices” (Speaker: Dr. Pier Giorgio Chiara)
You can join the event also via Zoom
RItrainPlus Community of Practice Webinar: Data, Privacy, and Research – 11th Nov. 2022