Authors: Prandner, Dimitri; Sinner, Philip

The aim of RItrainPlus is to “create a foundation for the long-term provision of highly qualified personnel for managing Research Infrastructures, Core Facilities and other complex scientific operations in academia and industry” (RItrainPlus, 2022). In order to achieve this, specific curricula are to be developed and a European School for Research Infrastructure (RI) Management is to be established in the near future. An integrative mixed-method approach was developed and implemented to offer evidence-based proposals. It consists of an online survey among 330 members of RIs and Core Facilities (CFs) and a qualitative expert survey among (17) heads and managers of selected RIs and CFs in structurally selected countries.

Data collector(s): Carpani, Margherita; Fernandez-Rodriguez, Julia; Martinez, Lola; Adami, Valentina
Other(s): Rotolo, Antonino; Zannoni, Augusta; Huertas, Christina; Gil, Concha; Riikonen, Evi-Carita; Tedeschi, Gabriella; Magnifico, Giuseppe; Meldahl, Linea; Evangelista, Lorenza; Zirulia, Lorenzo; Cortes, Luisa; Donzelli, Maddalena; Peura, Marko; Lloret Llinare, Marta; Homer, Natalie; Flavin, Niamh; Cherubini, Paolo; Rybkowski, Radoslaw; Quale, Sverre; Volpi, Valentina; Röhling, Volker; Ilijasic Versic, Ivana; Drascic Capar, Martina
Project leader(s): Lavitrano, Maria Luisa
Project manager(s): Forni, Monica

This entry includes the full report on Task 2.1. of RItrainPlus.

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Identifying and Updating Training Needs in European Research Infrastructures and Core Facilities