Authors: Prandner, Dimitri; Sinner, Philip; Soran, Nikolai, 2022, “RI:TRAIN Plus Quantitative Survey 2021 (SUF edition)”

Reduced edition for scientific use. Research Infrastructures (RIs) and their services are an essential element in creating the potential for scientific progress in the European Union, but also beyond. Together with Core Facilities (CFs) – which exist in many universities and scientific research centers – RIs are a basic prerequisite for excellence in science, for the establishment of Open Science as well as Open Innovation strategies and an important factor for the development of initiatives, practices, common facilities, guidelines and standards. This requires highly skilled personnel. But what competencies and skills are now needed in detail to run RIs and CFs? What challenges must be overcome in the process? AUSSDA researchers are addressing these questions as part of the RI:TRAIN plus project in the form of an online survey (2021).


RITRAIN Plus Quantitative Survey 2021 (SUF edition)