The European School for Management of Research Infrastructures (ESMRI), will be capable of certify the qualification of future operators and managers of RIs and CFs to students acquiring a pre-defined number of ECTS throughout their whole academic career independently from the universities where they acquired the specific Learning Activities (LAs) thus enabling them to develop a specific career path. The proposed LAs are focused on transversal topics that are critical to the management of every RI and F. The different LAs are offered in Partner Universities of RItrainPlus project to students at EQF levels 6 (B.Sc.), 7 (M.Sc.) and 8 (PhD), thereby building a longitudinal learning track (LLT).

Undergraduates and PhD students pilot courses

The new RItrainPlus training programme is aimed at students who wish to improve their knowledge of Research Infrastructure and Core Facilities in order to explore new job opportunities. The newly-launched pilot programme consists of seven short courses covering the topics indicated by the accurate survey run in 2022 by WP2 (il giallo da linkare a among of European RIs managers. Participant can follow the entire programme, or take a single course that best suits their interests. The courses are mostly offered online and take 2-4 ECTS.

Working as a manager or operator of a Research Infrastructure or Core Facility? To do so, you need the undergraduate and PhD students training programme!