The WP2 of RItrainPlus has been developing a series of Learning Activities to be taught as part of a university curriculum. The Learning Activities, developed and taught by RItrainPlus partners, will be delivered in the form of winter and summer schools. The applications for the summer school, taking place in June-July 2024 are now open. 

The summer school will focus on multidisciplinary teamwork, communication and innovation. All the courses will be available on the University of Bologna web page ( Courses — RItrainPlus – Qualification of Future Operators and Managers of Research Infrastructures and Core Facilities ( in addition to the pages of the single Institution providing the materials and the resources. The courses will be taught in a hybrid format, allowing for high participation and the storing of course materials online for the future. 

The summer school is intended for university students on the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Students who successfully complete all Learning Activities will be awarded a cumulative certificate of attendance attesting their competence as future managers of Research Infrastructure and Core Facilities.  

See more about the courses, application dates other important information here: 

It’s important to note that the winter and summer schools, though offering similar content, differ from the previously offered RItrainPlus Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses. The second pilot of the CPD courses will be conducted later this year. Follow our channels to stay updated! 

Applications for RItrainPlus summer school are now open