RItrainPlus is proud to launch a new training programme specifically designed for students to introduce them to the professional role of managers and operators in a Research Infrastructure (RI) or Core Facility (CF).

The pilot programme will run starting from AY 2023-2024 and consists of a series of Learning Activities, developed and taught by RItrainPlus partners, which will be delivered in the form of winter and summer schools.

Students who successfully complete all training activities will be awarded a cumulative certificate of attendance attesting their competence as future managers of Research Infrastructure and Core Facilities, making them part of the biggest community of RI managers in Europe.
See more about the courses, application dates other and important information here: 

You can explore three main areas:

SS1: Innovation, entrepreneurship and engagement with industry (1/07/24 -3/07/24): MORE INFO;

SS2: Communicating Research – Introduction to Science to Science and Science to Public Communication (13/06/24 – 5/07/24): MORE INFO;

SS3: Interdisciplinary work: make the team effective (10/06/24 – 17/07/24): MORE INFO.

It’s important to note that the winter and summer schools, though offering similar content, differ from the previously offered RItrainPlus Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses. The second pilot of the CPD courses will be conducted later this year. Follow our channels to stay updated! 

N.B. Students may apply to their relevant Course of Study for the recognition of extra-curricular CFU in type D (free choice) in SSDs related to the themes of the courses. 

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Applications for RItrainPlus summer school are closing soon. Last seats available!