CoP Meeting 13 May 2022

Author: Maja Dolinar and Irena Vipavc Brvar (Slovenian Social Science Data Archives (ADP))

The first RItrainPlus Community of Practice (CoP) meeting that was held on May 13, 2022, brought together some of the most respected individuals in the research infrastructure landscape. We were joined by Ms Meredith Goins, who is the Executive Director of the World Data System – IPO, Dr Bonnie Wolff-Boenisch, who is the Director of the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA ERIC), Dr Darja Fišer, who is going to be the future Director of Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure (CLARIN ERIC) and Dr Ari Asmi, the Director of Research Data Alliance Europe.

The aim of the event was to discuss the skills and knowledge needed to impress a recruitment committee, obtain experiences for a job application, and the unexpected aspects of the recruitment process. The speakers, who are all successful in their careers, shared their experiences and insights on the recruitment process and provided tips on how to succeed.

One of the main takeaways from the event was the importance of having a combination of hard and soft skills. The speakers discussed the need for knowledge of science and technology as well as communication and project management skills. They also mentioned the importance of being able to work with individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and time zones. It was also emphasised that financial management, knowledge of different national landscapes, technical skills, and the ability to project a vision for the organisation are all essential for delivering the organisation’s strategy for future development and operational capacity.

The speakers also shared how they obtained the experiences needed for their current positions. They identified the skills they lacked and approached their managers, who partnered with them to provide the necessary training. They also found mentors who provided feedback and connected them to other experiences. One speaker mentioned having a circular approach to their career path and the importance of being open to learning, seeking advice, and partnering with experts.

The recruitment process itself was also discussed, with one speaker being surprised by the short notice given for an interview. However, they were able to handle the pressure and found the interview process to be a standard academic panel. The challenge was scheduling due to the international organisation’s nature. The speaker recommended regularly interviewing and walking through their CV with a mentor or colleague to keep their skills fresh. The importance of being prepared to engage with an international panel and understand their different needs was also highlighted.

The speakers discussed the importance of having a blend of scientific and managerial skills to run a research infrastructure. They also talked about the need for continuous learning, especially in new initiatives, regulations, and technologies. One speaker shared their experience of working with people from different backgrounds and cultures and how it helped them develop their soft skills. The challenges of learning new things in a different country were also discussed.

In conclusion, the first RItrainPlus CoP meeting was a success, with the speakers sharing valuable insights and experiences on the recruitment process and the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. The event emphasised the importance of having a combination of hard and soft skills, continuous learning, and being open to feedback and advice. If you want to learn more about the RItrainPlus CoP and stay up-to-date with the latest best practices, be sure to sign up for our events.

The RItrainPlus CoP provides a forum for discussion about relevant issues and opportunities for knowledge and best practices sharing through a peer learning approach that would support research infrastructures (RIs) and core facilities (CFs) in their specific managerial and operational challenges. The CoP offers new community meetings every two months, and by signing up, you will be able to access the meeting recordings and materials. This is a great opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and stay up-to-date with the latest best practices in the research infrastructure landscape. Sign up to the RITrainPlus CoP!

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