I see the staff exchange as a chance to not only exchange Ideas, but to create interdisciplinary research and teaching materials while also having an opportunity to solve / discuss issues that concern most of the RIs (Digital Skills of Users, User-Research, Staff-related questions). AUSSDA works decentralised (Hub in Vienna, other nodes/sites are in Linz/Graz/Innsbruck). We would love to use the staff visits to share, discuss and spread the results of WP2T1, where identified the needs of RI-staff (click link for a short overview; or use collab space for full report). The benefit would be that we can set up and further the insights gained during the study of year 1 of RI:Train, create materials that help and gain a better understanding of how we work in  / position RIs in a larger interdisciplinary/comprehensive context 🙂


  • Name of RI, CF, including website: AUSSDA – The Austrian Social Science Data Archive; www.aussda.at 


  • Scientific domain of expertise: Social Sciences (Sociology and Communication Studies) → Survey Research, Content Analysis, Interview studies,  Digitisation / Digitalisation of Higher Education; Digital Skills; Migration/Minority Research; Political Sociology; Journalism and Communication Research. 


  • Personal information of the Contact

Name:  Dimitri Prandner

City/Town: Linz

Country: Austria

Email:  Dimitri.Prandner@jku.at 


  • Topic you are comfortable hosting a visitor on: 
    • Data Management 
    • Impact analysis
    • User research /Target Group Analysis
    • Communication 
    • Project Management 
    • Social Science Based Research
    • Training + Teaching Materials / OER Production (e-learning)


  • Topic you would like to collaborate on:
    • Based on  RITrainPlus WP2 T1 data
    • Social science data collection and curation
    • Communication Strategies / Plans / Materials
    • Draft a new from of user research 
    • Scientific Publications; e.g.: RI:TRAIN WP2.1. Datasets; Quantitative or Qualitative Analysis; new forms of USER research (want to publish on it, have data for Austria)
    • OER Training + Teaching Materials / OER Production (e-learning; Competency-based training )


Staff Visits at AUSSDA – The Austrian Social Science Data Archive