CESSDA recognises a great value in the exchange programme that allows knowledge and experience sharing among experts working in similar organisations and positions, but rarely have the opportunity to engage. It will help CESSDA grow, learn and expand its network, gain more visibility and it often sets grounds for future collaborations and projects. CESSDA Main Office, as a headquarters of a distributed RI, offers the insight into coordination of distributed organisation, working and communication with a distributed set of service providers, while still providing a united, branded services and resources, and collective knowledge. In every exchange, both sides learn from each other, and that is what we are here for – learning from each other on how to do things better, and offer alternative professional development opportunities for RI employees.


  • Name of RI, CF, including website: CESSDA ERIC – Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives https://www.cessda.eu/ 
  • Scientific domain of expertise: Social Sciences
  • Personal information of the Contact

Name: Martina Drascic Capar

City/Town: Bergen

Country: Norway

Email: cessda@cessda.eu, martina.drascic@cessda.eu


  • Topic you are comfortable hosting a visitor on: 
    • EU Project management and grants management,
    • Cloud Infrastructure provisioning, 
    • Software development and QA,
    • IT service management,
    • Metadata processing and exchange.
  • Topic you would like to collaborate on:
    • Data management 
    • Quality management 
    • Facility organisation and management 
    • Impact analysis 
    • Sustainability
    • Other:
      • Software quality standards
      • Service operation workflows
      • metadata processing and exchange
      • Communication Strategies / Plans / Materials
Staff Visits at CESSDA ERIC