RItrainPlus is now accepting applications to its brand-new management training programme aimed at professionals in a Research Infrastructure or Core Facility. The continuous professional development programme, organised as a pilot in summer 2023, has been designed with the aim to strengthen the managerial capabilities of professionals working in scientific institutions. 

The course programme has been designed by RItrainPlus’ key experts from RIs and CFs, from universities and stakeholders’ organisations, that have a unique specific background and strong expertise in management. These highly experienced partners carefully identified the training needs and defined specific CPD courses that complement and expand the EMMRI “Executive Masters in Management of RIs” training programme.

“The RI landscape, just in recent years, has had to adapt to a lot of changes. Remote operation and virtual access are big challenges for RIs but has also boosted the success of distributed infrastructures”, says Marialuisa Lavitrano, the leader of the RItrainPlus project. “As a manager, it’s crucial you stay on top of these changes to be able to keep your organization capable of working successfully.”

The RItrainPlus continuous professional development programme consists of short courses that each tackle a topic relevant to the work of managers and operators. The course programme includes seven short courses: 

  • Managing the lifecycle of an RI
  • Ethical, Legal and Social Implications in RIs and CFs
  • Data management
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Engagement with Industry
  • Socio-economic impact of RIs
  • Team building and development
  • Coaching development programme 

The first RItrainPlus pilot courses are offered free-of-charge and are delivered in a mixed format (in-person and online). 

The participant can take up either the whole programme and progress from one short course to the next, or take an individual short course that best fits their needs. For those taking up the whole programme, it should be noted that some activities will be overlapping. Participants are advised to check the course schedules for more information.

Apply to the programme by sending in a short motivation letter and CV through the course pages. The application period is open 3.4.–5.5.2023. 

Check the course pages for more info. 

The brand-new RItrainPlus management training programme is now accepting applications – Apply Now