It is an incredible opportunity and of great value to be able to carry out staff visits between the different RIs or CFs. Watching and learning how they work and are managed in other organizations is vital to be able to improve and thus be able to establish new collaborations and future projects. At ISOM we can offer our knowledge in Clean Room in micro and nanotechnology, but also in how we manage and organize ourselves to offer our services to society. We can also contribute our management by being part of a network of Clean Rooms at the National level ( and in another European network (

Name of RI, CF, including website:  ISOM Institute of Optoelectronic Systems and Microtechnology 

  • Scientific domain of expertise: Micro-nanooptoelectronics and magnetic systems
  • Personal information of the Contact
  • Name: Fernando Calle

City/Town: Madrid

Country: Spain 



  • The ISOM is comfortable hosting a visitor on: 

Strategic management 

Resource management 

Research Infrastructure operations 

Engagement with industry 

Training of specialized technicians 

Innovation in micro-nanoelectronics

  • The ISOM would like to collaborate on:

data management 

facility organisation and management 

aspects related to user access 

quality management 

impact analysis 


e-learning and e-training

equality, diversity and inclusion

Staff Visists at ISOM – Institute of Optoelectronic Systems and Microtechnology