It is a great opportunity to share practices and to learn from the experience of peers, not only in the specific scientific fields but also management practices. In particular, we can offer our expertise developed in the last 12 years, during which we have been setting up and managing 8 Core Facilities of small size (2-4 people each) in the framework of the University system.


  • Name of RI, CF, including website: CIBIO Core Facilities @ University of Trento (
  • Scientific domain of expertise: Life Sciences (Next Generation Sequencing, Proteomics, High Throughput Screening, Advanced Imaging, Cell Analysis and Separation, Protein Technologies, Cell Technologies, Model Organisms Core Facilities)
  • Personal information of the Contact

Name Valentina Adami

City/Town Trento

Country Italy


  • Topic you are comfortable hosting a visitor on: 
    • Facility organisation and management 
  • Topic you would like to collaborate on:
    • Data management
    • Engagement with industry 
    • Career development and career path of Core Facilities personnel


Staff Visits at CIBIO Core Facilities (University of Trento)