Staff Visits at University of Milan

During the years, an interdisciplinary group of researchers at University of Milan has developed significant competences in the analysis of socio-economic impact of RIs and CFs using a variety of approaches. These include both a cost-benefit assessment of infrastructures and their impact valuation on specific stakeholders (e.g. industry and scientific community). The group welcomes the opportunity to share its expertise and is happy to consider collaboration initiatives in the area of the economic analysis of research infrastructures and core facilities.

Staff Visists at LAB BCM (UniBo)

Description It is a great opportunity to share experience and knowledge to create a useful network for interdisciplinary sciences.   Name of RI, CF, including website: LAB BCM (BSBT-BCM, Dimevet – University of Bologna) Chiara Bernardini City/Town: Bologna  Country: Italy

Staff Visits at CESSDA ERIC

CESSDA recognises a great value in the exchange programme that allows knowledge and experience sharing among experts working in similar organisations and positions, but rarely have the opportunity to engage. It will help CESSDA grow, learn and expand its network,

Staff Visits at Eurofleets+

Description Provide training and exchange programmes for user communities and professional staff,  Increase ocean literacy across all domains Promote knowledge transfer between Research Infrastructures  Foster and develop new collaborations with other RI’s   Name of RI, CF, including website: Eurofleets+

Staff Visits at ELIXIR

ELIXIR sees high value and an excellent opportunity in staff visit and knowledge exchange programmes, allowing to learn and improve processes and their quality. It enables individuals and the organisation to grow, expand its network and engage in new collaborations and projects. ELIXIR collaborates with the EMMRI presenting the ELIXIR Use case in the following modules: Leadership, Strategic Management, Financial Sustainability. Resources Management in addition to funding ELIXIR Node staff to attend and is keen to widen the audience for these activities. 

Staff Visits at EMBL-EBI

Staff visits are an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and experience and to learn from each other in order to improve our work and the quality of our courses. Staff visits enable us to expand our network and engage in new collaborations to develop training courses and materials.